16 Simple Free Crochet Patterns For Beginners

photo showing a selection of simple crochet patterns

My most simple free crochet patterns are a great way for total crochet novices to get to grips with their new hooking skills.

When I was first learning to crochet I found it difficult to navigate which patterns were going to match up to my current level. I want you to find which crochet designs are going to work for you right now, much more easily than I did a decade ago.

These easy free crochet patterns are ideal for beginners, with clear instructions and simple stitches.

Easy Amigurumi Patterns

You’ll find that these crochet toy patterns are all simple to get stuck into.

Squishy Kitty

A very welcome new addition to my simple crochet list, and busting his way in at the number one spot is Wilfred the cat.

squishy crochet cat pattern header

Teddy bear

One of the first crochet patterns I ever designed, this teddy bear has no color changes, and is worked in simple rounds. An excellent first amigurumi project.

Crochet Teddy Bear


This crochet seahorse involves a few crochet techniques, like working into the back stitch only, but the basic increases, decreases and lack of color changes in the round mean that it is still well set for a novice to follow.

complete amigurumi seahorse crochet pattern


I created this crochet raccoon pattern with new crocheters in mind. It’s a good introduction to color changes, as they are not fussy and the jogs are easy to hide. You’ll also find plenty of repetitive stitches and shapes.

crochet raccoon body

Sea turtle or tortoise

I’ve grouped these two patterns together because they have so many similar properties and styles. I even based one on the other! Although chenille isn’t the easiest yarn to work with, you’ll find my sea turtle and tortoise have simple shapes and a straightforward design.

crocheted sea turtle with tortoise

Beginner Friendly Crochet Flowers

I was intimidated to give floral arrangements a try years ago, but as I began to design them I was delighted to find that crochet flowers are way more simple than they might appear to be at first glance. You don’t need any real crocheting experience to hook these designs together.


These sunflowers are a great starter crochet project. I only use basic stitches in the pattern, and there is plenty of repetition in the petal production, as well as the stem. You’ll also practice a wider range of beginner techniques, so a solid jumping off point for your crocheting career!

photo of a crocheted sunflower


My tulips are a smaller bunch than the sunflowers, and they are even more simplistic for a crochet beginner. You’ll get to practice your magic circles, single crochets and basic increases and decreases within the round.

image showing a single crocheted pink tulip

Simple Crochet Accessory Patterns

Being able to instantly accessorize with your newfound hobby is a pretty cool thing. These patterns are all entry-level.

Granny square scrap scarf

Granny squares are a great starting point for any new crocheter, and this simple scarf design has enough variety within the squares to still hold your interest.

photo of lucy kate's crochet scarf

Fingerless gloves

You’ll have fun and get something practical out of crocheting my fingerless glove patterns. There are also several choices of designs, starting with one that is completely basic beginner stitches only.

Free Fingerless Gloves Patterns

Basic boot cuffs

Who doesn’t love a boot cuff! I created these so that you can easily fit them to your size, style and with stitches worked in a beginner friendly round, it’s a perfect first crochet project.

Free Crochet Book Cuff Patterns

Infinity scarf

I loved crocheting an infinity scarf, and this is one of the most simple free crochet patterns you’ll find. You might notice the picture of me wearing this example is rather old, which proves that I created it with rather fewer years of crocheting under my belt!

lucy kate crochet's infinity scarf

Easy crochet hat

I designed this specifically as a beginner friendly crochet hat pattern, and as a result it is quick and clear to work up.

easy crochet hat

Grocery bag

My crochet grocery bag is by no means a small design, but this free pattern works well for beginners due to the simple shapes and easy stitches to master.

photo of easy crochet grocery bag

Crochet Home Decor Made Easy

These simple crochet patterns are accessible to all new crocheters, and I use them as great way to give my household decor a unique twist!

Round throw pillow

Only one stitch type after the chain, and color changes at the ends of rounds rather than within them makes this an ideal pattern for a new crocheter.

photo of the round pillow on a chair


I have three crochet coaster designs, and they are intended to all be easy to create. They are also ordered from simplest to slightly more complicated, so you gain skills as you work down the list.

photo showing three simple crochet coaster designs

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