My Fastest Crochet Projects

fastest crochet projects

Crochet isn’t always a leisurely hobby. Sometimes you’ve got crochet patterns to hook up in a hurry. My fastest crochet projects can be completed by a competent crocheter in less than three hours. Some of these quick crochet projects even come together in mere minutes!

Fast Crochet Flower Projects

If you’ve got a birthday party to go to this afternoon, what better quick crochet project to choose than a handmade bouquet of flowers!

Crochet Tulips

These crochet tulips have a self supporting stalk, so they can be displayed just like the real thing. They only use two different colored DK yarns, and should take an experienced crocheter around three hours to put a bunch together.

crochet tulips


You’ll love these daffodils, perfect for the Spring! You’ll need yellow, orange and green DK yarn, and again that good old pipe cleaner to give the stem a bit of support.

photograph of crochet daffodils

Speedy Amigurumi Projects

Crochet toys can be very time consuming to hook up, but there are some smaller, simpler amigurumi designs that make quick crochet projects. I also think these designs look like they take longer than they do, so extra bonus points if you’re using them as a gift!

Crochet Seal

Not only is this little crochet seal pattern quick, it’s only made with one yarn. So no time consuming color changes!

crocheted seal

Guinea pigs

This sweet guinea pig pattern is inspired by my own pet piggies, and you can create your own breed based on the colors of yarn currently hiding in your stash.

amigurumi guinea pig pattern

Amigurumi Pig

Another single yarn color project, this fast crocheted pig is a speed crocheter’s dream. If you don’t have safety eyes to hand, you can use loose buttons or even scraps of yarn to add some hasty details.

Crochet Pig Pattern

Rapid Home Decor

These home decor projects will all work up pretty fast, and there is so much potential for variety in terms of the colors and textures of yarn you can use.

Plant pot covers

This plant pot cover’s size can be adjusted to suit any sized houseplant. And it’s made using tough macrame cord. If you pick a small enough pot, you can even create one in under an hour!

crocheting with macrame

Crochet pencil holder

This pen holder pot is the ideal quick crochet gift for basically anyone who ever sits down at a desk. Which is most of us!

crochet pencil holder

Crocheted baskets

I love crochet baskets, and I’m willing to bet you’re a fan too. Although they seem laborious on larger scales, these small ones work up really fast due to the repetitive nature of the pattern.

crochet basket

Quick Crochet Embellishments

These are without a doubt the fastest crochet projects in my pattern collection. So you’ll have time to work up multiples!

Puff flowers

One of my favorite crochet embellishments, puff flowers are incredibly tactile and super speedy to hook up. Make a bunch, sew them together and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous little blanket or a unique washcloth!

crochet puff flowers

Crochet flowers

Finally, what better way to show how much you love someone than by crocheting them a flower. And the greatest thing about these 2D crochet patterns, is that they take minutes to make.

crochet 2d flowers

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