13 Awesome Free Crochet Farm Animal Patterns

image showing some of lucy kate easton's crochet farm animal designs

My crochet farm animal patterns are beginner friendly, but are hooked up in their own style with a variety of techniques for you to try out. Great fun for novice and advanced crocheters alike!

You’ll be crocheting in increasing and decreasing rounds, working from a magic loop for most of the designs. But you’ll love how some of my amigurumi farm animals spring to life with a dash of extra surface crochet or a little hand sewing.

Meet The Farm Animals

The Cart Horse

image showing side view of my free crochet cart horse pattern

A newer addition to my crochet farm is this curly cart horse. Based around that classic teddy shape, but with some seriously equine details.

Grab some DK yarn in brown and cream, your 3.5mm crochet hook, 16mm safety eyes, stuffing, a yarn needle and those all important stitch markers.

The full free pattern is here.

Amigurumi Donkey

photo of the donkey

Born from the crochet horse pattern, my donkey is genuinely one of my favorite designs. I added a bunch of extra detail with hand sewing and surface crocheting techniques.

You will need gray, cream and brown DK yarn, along with the same kit as you would use for the horse above.

Find the donkey pattern here.

Crochet Goat Pattern

photo of my amigurumi goat

My amigurumi goat is small, delicate and packed with personality. A classic member of the crochet farm animal patterns, it’s surprisingly quick and easy to make. I’ve also given you a video with some information on the design and tips for bringing it together.

You’ll need cream and gray DK yarns, a 3.75mm crochet hook, yarn needle, some toy stuffing and safety eyes.

Check out the free amigurumi goat pattern here.

Crocheting a Highland Cow

image of my amigurumi highland cow

I’m a little obsessed with my crochet Highland Cow. One of the larger toys I’ve crocheted, it is packed with character as well as cuddly cuteness. The pattern is suitable for beginners and the unusual hairstyle gives it plenty of charm.

You’ll need a 5mm and 4mm crochet hook, some chunky yarn in red and oat shades, and some worsted weight cream yarn. Grab your safety eyes, toy safe stuffing a yarn needle and stitch markers and you’ll be good to go!

Check out the free crochet Highland Cow pattern here.

My Amigurumi Llama

an image showing a crochet llama toy

The beginner friendly crocheted llama is one of my smallest and fasted toys to put together. You’ll not need any color changes, and the stitches are all basic level.

You’ll need a 4.5mm crochet hook, some aran weight cream yarn, a couple of safety eyes, a yarn needle and of course some toy stuffing.

Check out the free crochet llama pattern here.

How to Crochet an Alpaca

photo of my crochet alpaca

The perfect match to my crochet llama is his alpaca friend. It’s a great starter amigurumi project, and the only part that will take a little time is crocheting his gorgeous curls. But you’ll have fun doing it!
You’ll need your 4.5mm and 4mm crochet hooks, a yarn needle, some aran weight cream blend yarn, safety eyes and toy stuffing.

Check out my free alpaca pattern here.

Crochet Texas Longhorn Pattern

photo of my amigurumi longhorn cow

My crochet Texas Longhorn is easy to crochet, and produces a big, squishy, huggable pal. You’ll find plenty of detail in the pattern to guide you along each step, and for a sturdy cow, she won’t take too long to crochet either.

You’ll need pink, brown and gray cotton aran weight yarn, and some worsted weight white yarn. Use your 4mm crochet hook, and have plenty of toy stuffing, a yarn needle, safety eyes and some stitch markers ready.

Check out the free cow crochet pattern here.

Amigurumi Sheep Pattern

image of my crochet sheep pattern

I adore my scruffy crocheted sheep, and although it’s rich in detail you don’t need to be an advanced crocheter to create your own. You’ll build the body parts with single crochets worked from magic loops, and the woolly coat is just single crochets worked into long chains.

You’ll need some white and pale brown worsted weight cotton blend yarns, your 4mm crochet hook, safety eyes, a tapestry needle and some toy stuffing.

Check out the free amigurumi sheep design here.

Crocheting a Goose

photo of crochet greylag goose pattern

This crochet goose is a quick project for a relatively experienced crocheter. You avoid color changes by using a variegated yarn type, and all the stitches are beginner friendly too.

You’ll need orange and graphite DK yarns, a 3.75mm and 2.25mm crochet hook, safety eyes, toy stuffing and a good needle.

Check out the free amigurumi goose pattern here.

My Amigurumi Pig

picture showing the Crochet Pig Pattern

My pig pattern is incredibly beginner friendly, with a sweet, simple, fast design that any new or old crocheter can enjoy.

You’ll need pink (of course!) yarn and a splash of black DK yarn for the markings. You’ll be using your 4.5mm crochet hook, and needle a little toy stuffing, some eyes, and your yarn needle too.

Check out the free pig pattern here.

Crochet Red Squirrel

image showing the crochet squirrel

The little red squirrel has a distinctive posture and fluffy tail, which you can brush up even more if you like to change up the texture. You’ll use simple techniques to create a very characterful crochet farm friend.

You’ll need your 5mm crochet hook, tapestry needle, some red aran yarn, scraps of dark yarn for the nose and fingers, as well as safety eyes, stuffing and a brush for the tail

Check out the free crochet squirrel pattern here.

Wild Rabbit Crochet Pattern

photo showing lucy kate crochet's rabbit pattern

One of my more recent designs, the crocheted rabbit is a perfect addition to any crochet farm. She’s fast to hook up, and easy to make. Remember to join those safety eyes together at the back to give her face the cutest possible expression.

You’ll need your 4mm crochet hook, yarn needle and a slicker brush. Grab some brown and pink aran weight yarns, and a wool based white DK yarn too.

Check out the free amigurumi rabbit instructions here.

My Crocheted Red Fox

photo of my crochet fox elephant and raccoon

The fox is a farmyard staple, albeit an often unwelcome one! Complete your farmyard animal crochet collection with this easy design, which will take you through in stages and might even increase your amigurumi skillset as you go.

You’ll need your 6mm and 3.5mm crochet hooks, some black and cream DK yarn, as well as some chunky orange yarn. Make sure you’ve also got stitch markers, stuffing, safety eyes and your yarn needle too.

Check out my free fox design here.

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