8 Awesome Free Crochet Sea Creature Patterns

image of crochet sea creatures

My crochet sea creature patterns are all beginner friendly, but present opportunities for practising some different techniques and styles. A bit of fun for any level of crocheter!

You’ll mostly be working from a central magic circle, in increasing and decreasing rounds of single crochets. But you’ll find some amigurumi sea creatures have extra details through hand sewing or surfacing crocheting to really bring them to life.

Meet The Sea Creatures

Crochet Puffer Fish Pattern

amigurumi puffer fish pattern

I am a bit obsessed with my puffer fish. This pattern was so quick to design, and you’ll find it takes just a few hours to work up. Even less if you’re a speedy crocheter!

I named this pattern after a local reptile store’s resident pet Mbu puffer, Mr Puffy. I wanted it to be simple to crochet, yet have those important details that make it immediately identifiable as a puffer fish.

You’ll make the ridges on the body using two strands of yarn and a wide eyed tapestry needle, weaving in and out four times over a space two stitches wide. The gaping mouth is achieved using back and front loop only crochet.

You’ll need 1.8oz of DK yarn, and a 3.5mm crochet hook for this one.

Check it the puffer fish pattern here.

My Amigurumi Seal

amigurumi seal pattern

My low-sew crochet seal looks a lot more complex than it is. The speckled fur pattern is achieved with a variegated yarn, so there are no color changes as you go along. It’s a great novice crochet pattern, or a fast project for an expert!

I created this crochet design for my wonderful sister in law, who is a huge fan of seals. So it needed to be cute, but with the decorative look of a good gift for an adult!

You’ll need to grab a small skein of DK yarn, and your 3.5mm crochet hook for this pattern.

Check it the crochet seal pattern here.

Crocheting a Squid

crochet squid tentacles

This cute crochet squid pattern is a simple design with a characterful finish. It’s mostly worked from a magic circle, with even increases and decreases. I throw in a bit of back look crochet to give the divide above the eyes, and most of it is completely unstuffed.

You’ll need a small hank of pink aran weight yarn, and some scraps of cream aran yarn for the surface crocheting details and the bold eyeliner. You will mainly work with a 4mm crochet hook, swapping to a smaller sized 3mm hook for the surface crocheting stitches.

Check it the crochet squid here.

How to Crochet a Sea Otter

sea otter amigurumi

My crocheted sea otter lays on his back, ready to much down some molluscs! It’s another simple, speedy yet defined amigurumi design. There are some minor color changes, and a little bit of hand sewing.

Tiny ears and wide eyes make this one really give off the essence of the sea creature it’s honoring. You’ll need a 4mm crochet hook, and aran yarn in pale and dark brown shades. A scrap of dark gray or back yarn for the nose will bring it all together.

Check it the sea otter pattern here.

Crochet Seahorse Pattern

complete amigurumi seahorse crochet pattern

This amigurumi seahorse pattern is bright, bold and distinctive. There are a few more intermediate level aspects, but the extra descriptions will allow even relatively new crocheters to join in.

The tail is curled with a combination of crochet stitches and hand sewing, and you’ll detail the crest with some surface crocheting.

You’ll need blue/gray and pale gray double knitting yarns, and a 3mm and 2.5mm crochet hook.

Check it the crochet seahorse pattern here.

Amigurumi Polar Bear Cub Pattern

amigurumi polar bear

Okay, so it’s not technically a sea creature but this crochet pattern celebrates the bear most associated with the ocean! My fluffy crochet polar bear cub pattern uses huge safety eyes and fine claw details to bring a simple design to life.

You’ll need 50g/1.8oz of worsted weight chenille yarn, and 4mm crochet hook. Magic circles can be a little tricky with this yarn fiber, but you can use the chain two method if you find you have trouble closing your loops.

Check it the crochet polar bear here.

Crochet Sea Turtle Design

sea turtle and tortoise

Another chenille design, this sea turtle might just be the fasted crochet pattern in the sea creature collection. The basic shapes go together beautifully to create a soft, cuddly crocheted toy.

You’ll need three skeins of yarn for this one – I used King Cole’s Yummy chenille yarn in liquorice and champagne shades, and the Jubille yarn in zen. Work it all up with a larger 5.5mm crochet hook.

Check it the sea turtle pattern here.

Amigurumi Walrus Pattern

crochet walrus

Last but least, is my most unusual crochet sea creature pattern – the wonderful walrus. The details are created using hand sewing, extra magic loops and loosely sewn yarn threads.

You’ll work this design in DK merino blend wool, in a red/brown shade, a dash of cream acrylic DK yarn, and a 5mm and 4mm crochet hook.

Check it the crochet walrus pattern here.

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