Free Amigurumi Axolotl Keychain Pattern

picture of the amigurumi axolotl keychain in my hand

My household has gone Full Axolotl in the last few days. Which is funny, because it’s one of the few pets we don’t have here… for now. Both my kids picked up different styles of axolotl toys at a fair at the weekend, and my envy of their purchases inspired this new amigurumi axolotl keychain pattern.

My crochet axolotl used a tiny amount of yarn, but has such a big personality. And given you can work one up in the time it’d take to make a meal from scratch, I might make a few more and stash them in my drawer as potential last minute gifts!

What You’ll Need

This is what I used to design my amigurumi axolotl keychain:

image of the crochet axolotl

Techniques and Tips

Free Amigurumi Axolotl Keychain Pattern

I made my crochet axolotl in three sections, the head, body and tail, then the tail fin detailing and finally the gills around the face.

picture of the amigurumi axolotl keychain side view

Head to Tail

This section will create from your axolotl’s head to the tip of their tail.

Round 1

Make a magic circle of eight stitches (8)

Round 2

2sc x 8 (16)

Round 3

(1sc, 2sc) x 8 (24)

Round 4 – 5

1sc x 24

Round 6

(1sc x 2, 2sc) x 8 (32)

Round 7

(1sc x 3, 2sc) x 8 (40)

Round 8 – 10

1sc x 40

Round 11

(1sc x 3, sc2tog) x 8 (32)

Round 12 – 13

1sc x 32

Round 14

(1sc x 2, sc2tog) x 8 (24)

Round 15 – 16

1sc x 24

Insert safety eyes at round 6 level.

Round 17

(1sc, sc2tog) x 8 (16)

Round 18 – 20

1sc x 16

Fill with toy stuffing.

Round 21

sc2tog to close

Detailing the Tail

picture of the amigurumi axolotl keychain from the top

Continue working in your 2.5mm crochet hook, but this time you’ll switch to surface crocheting.

Cast onto your hook, and slip stitch into a point equivalent to exactly between the axolotl’s eyes but 15 rounds back, then working directly towards the point of the tail make 1sc in each stitch. Continue around the underneath of your axolotl until you are directly under your first stitch. Then slip stitch to join, and weave the loose tail back into the body.

Crochet Axolotl Gills

I switched it up for the gills, because they need to really stand out. You’ll need your 3mm crochet hook and some darker pink cotton blend yarn.

picture of the amigurumi axolotl keychain gills

Make two of the following:

Row 1

Ch6, sk, 1sc x 5

Row 2

Ch7, sk, 1sc x 5

Row 3

Ch7, sk, 1sc x 5

Once you have made your two gil sections, hand sew them to either side of the eyes using the same colored yarn.

Attaching the Keychain

picture of the amigurumi axolotl keychain on some yarn

There are several ways you can attach your keychain, but this is how I did mine.

I bought a bulk pack of blank keychains online, and they came unassembled. Once I’d opened them and had a good look at what I was dealing with, I chose the parts that looked best on the toy, and then took the same color yarn as the body of the axolotl. I hand sewed the chain onto the body, because I decided I’d rather have the low risk of the yarn snapping than the high risk of the stitches deforming when I pushed the ring through. But there is no wrong way!

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