Crochet Rainbow Scarf Pattern

This crochet rainbow scarf pattern is guaranteed to brighten up your day. It is a quick, simple pattern that is great for beginners, as it uses just two different stitches throughout. It is very fast to make, with a lovely professional finish. My crochet rainbow scarf took just a few hours to stitch together. It’s lovely and warm, as well as being soft and comfortable when worn.

Crochet Rainbow Scarf Stitches

To make this crochet rainbow scarf all you will need to do is make chains and slip stitches.

The pattern for this rainbow crochet scarf repeats. Make sure that you keep your chain stitches consistent sizes as you go along. It doesn’t matter whether you stitch loosely or tightly during the bulk of the rows, as long as you are consistent throughout.

You won’t need to color change in this pattern, but you will need to move from one ball of yarn to the next. Make your yarn changes into a slip stitch and make sure that you change when you have a few inches of yarn left. This will make it easier to weave in the loose ends when you have finished.

crochet rainbow scarf pattern

Crochet Rainbow Scarf Equipment

To make your own crochet rainbow scarf you will require the following equipment:

The Chunky Rainbow Wool I used for this pattern was James C Brett Party Time ChunkyPaid Link.

rainbow yarnPaid Link

The yarn needle is not essential, but will make sewing in the loose ends a lot easier when you are finished. I recommend a blunt steel yarn needle with a wide eyePaid Link. This will be easy to thread and simple to sew through the chains when you are done.

I used a plastic 9mm crochet hook similar to these in style.Paid Link It’s comfortable and easy to manipulate for repeat chains, as found in this pattern.

Crochet Rainbow Scarf Pattern

crochet rainbow scarf

Begin this pattern with your 9mm crochet hook and rainbow chunky yarn.

Row 1

Make a chain of 20 stitches (ch20).

Row 2

Chain three (ch3) then slip stitch (sl st) into the forth stitch from the hook.

(Ch3, sl st into the next stitch) x 18.

Row 3 to 131

Chain 5, then slip stitch into the first chain three loop of the previous row.

(Ch3, sl st into the next chain loop) x 18.

Row 132

In the final row of the pattern, you are bringing the crochet rainbow scarf to a close.

Chain 5, then make a single slip stitch into each chain loop from the previous row.

rainbow crochet scarf

Finishing Off Your Rainbow Crochet Scarf

It complete your crochet rainbow scarf, you will need to weave your joining ends and start and finish points back into the bulk of the scarf.

This pattern uses a multicoloured yarn, so remember that loose ends are best disguised by being woven into stitches with the same color section.

As the scarf is made up almost entirely of chains, weave your yarn needle in and out of each chain segment to most effectively hide your joining points.


Crochet Rainbow Scarf Sizes

If you like this crochet rainbow scarf pattern, but would like to make it for a child instead of an adult, then I suggest the following adjustments:

Make your initial chain of 15 stitches (instead of 20).

Only stitch 40 rows of chains. So replace instructions ‘Row 3 – 131’ with ’Row 3 – 43’. The final row will therefore be ‘Row 44’.

I hope you enjoy making this quick and easy crochet scarf as much as I did. It’s proven to be very warm and snuggly so far, and I am going to make a matching one for my daughter using the above dimensions soon!


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Happy Crocheting! Lucy Kate, x


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