Is Crochet Boring?

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I have absolutely got bored of certain crochet projects, some of which remain unfinished to this day or abandoned in the yarn scrap pile. But is crochet boring as an activity? In my opinion, never! Because there are such a huge range of different things you can make with crochet, it’s easy to stay interested. Today I’ll share my top tips for keeping this diverse hobby fun and fabulous for years to come.


Why I Took A Break From Crochet

I have been crocheting for more than ten years, but during that time I took a break for a few years too. But it wasn’t because crochet got boring. It was almost the opposite!

I tend to throw myself into anything I do with both feet, and any hobby I do consumes everything else in my life. I had so much going on, and another baby on the way, and something had to give. And weirdly it was a hobby I really enjoyed.

What the break showed me more than anything though, was that it really wasn’t the right choice. Crochet is repetitive, but it’s not boring as a result. In fact, it’s incredibly relaxing and I’m so glad I found it again.

Is Learning To Crochet Boring?

Boring is such a loaded word, isn’t it? It implies the activity has turned dull, pointless or even frustrating. Learning new skills is often a combination of stressful, frustrating and boring as your repeat the same techniques again and again to perfect them. But I can honestly say I never found learning to crochet boring as such. Annoying at times, sure, but not dull.

The trick is to repeat each technique you are learning a few times each day, then put that aspect aside and move onto something else. Whether that’s an alternative stitch, or learning some new terminology or just looking at potential patterns you’d love to try in the future.

Is Crochet Boring When You Get Good?

The better at crocheting you get, the more diverse and complicated projects you can take on. What’s great is it gives you more choice. You can produce lots of simple things really fast, or a few complicated things in your own time. Either way, the options available to you mean that you are very unlikely to get bored the more experienced you are.

Can You Crochet Every Day Without Getting Bored?

I have spent several months of my life at various points crocheting every single day. Whatever else was happening,I’d make sure I had at least a few minutes to work on one project or another. During that period I never got bored of crocheting or found it dull or a chore.

Is Crochet Boring Compared With Other Crafts

Different crafts have different appeal. I’ve tried a lot of things over the years, but crochet is something I keep coming back to. Some crafts have a higher excitement level, like glass blowing, or a more physical creativity, like pottery. But these require much bigger investments in equipment and space.

is crochet boring

How To Keep Crochet Fun

  • Get the right equipment
  • Work on several projects
  • Keep your work diverse
  • Do something else at the same time
  • Don’t turn it into a job

The Right Crochet Kit

Having the right equipment makes any task more fun. It pays to make sure you’ve got the right size hooks lined up, and a comfortable sort too. Little bits of kit like stitch markers also make the whole experience much smoother.

Several Projects On The Go

I rarely have one project that I am working on. It’s usually more like three or four. That means when you get to a repetitive part you can flip back and forth between a more complex or differently styled piece to keep your interest.

Distract The Senses

I have a terrible tendency to stare at my phone in the evening when the tv is on and I’m trying to relax. I’ll read a stressful news story or fret over something on a forum. But I don’t do this if I’m crocheting. I can concentrate on the programme and make something beautiful at the same time. And it never gets dull!

Keep Crochet For Pleasure

Several years ago I made crochet into a job. I loved making commissions but the stress of producing something perfect not personal drained the fun from it. Then

Learn from mistakes, and keep crochet for you if you can!

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